Alchemize Workshops

Alchemize Your Deepest Pain Into Fierce Power!

Private Alchemize Workshops

alchemize workshops


Your life experiences as the FUELS to bring change in you + others = Alchemy!


Root causes of all the repeating patterns of struggles

Clean & Release

Resentments, shame, guilt, and major emotional energy blocks


Your relationship & inner dialogue with yourself
These are like Energetic Surgery sessions

Deep, raw, penetrating, full of emotions, and soooo liberating that you can finally breathe again.

Depending on your individual needs, each workshop is tailored with modalities ranging from breathwork, guided visualization, sound journeying, somatic trauma release, Jungist psychology, human design, Chinese astrology, Qigong, EFT tapping and energy-alchemizing sessions. 

Alchemize: 1:1 Deep Dive Workshops

$USD 666 / One-time payment
  • A safe container where I hold space for you to face your inner demons
  • 3 x 1:1 Deep Dive Workshops over Zoom (2 hours+ each), 2-3 weeks apart
  • Interactive exercises during and after the workshops to sustain the power of the alchemy
  • Instant messaging support while we are working together


Options To: 

  • Add more workshops if needed (decide later!)
  • Upgrade to receive on-going coaching support at a discount rate

Important Notes:

  • This is not for the fainted heart. Only enroll if you are ready to face your inner demons.
  • I’ll hold space for you to encounter the parts of you that you’ve been trying to escape from. Expect lots of ugly cries.
  • You could really hate me in the process, and wants to hug me with gratefulness weeks later!
  • I would NOT be your best guide if you are currently on any psychiatric medication and/or don’t have the will to stay alive. Please seek mental health professional’s help if needed and when urgent.