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Are you someone who has a big heart to serve, but feels overworked and undervalued at work?

Are you the kind of person who believes that you are meant for something bigger on earth, and you just have to figure out what that is?

Do you secretly know that there are many potentials in you yet to be uncovered, and when you finally reconnect with them, you can be powerful beyond measures?

If You Said YES, Then You Are In The Right Place!

Ponny SH LAM,
Purpose Coach + Human Design Guide

Hi, I'm Ponny.

It's my mission to liberate purpose-driven individuals like you from your career struggles, so you can uncover your mission, embrace your true power, and create a sustainable work + life that matters to you and the world!

Activating quick breakthroughs is my forte with my unique blend of deep-dive inner search facilitation, soul-led personal narrative rewriting, practical career pivot strategies, and my gentle-and-firm style of empowerment.

Let's Begin: Where Are You Now?

Uncover My Soul Purpose!
Uncover Your Mission On Earth

I'm Feeling Lost and I Want to Find My Purpose and Direction.

Pivot My Career!
Get Hired

I'm Ready To Launch A New Career Path and Want Help To Identify What and How!

Rise From The Ashes!

I Need Support To Quantum Leap Into the Best Expression of ME!

How I Can Help

What is a meaningful and fulfilling career anyway?

In my definition, it is simply what you do that brings meaning and values to YOU, as well as to OTHERS.

As an Empath, and an advocate for making the world a better place, it's my passion and soul purpose to help you thrive as who you truly are, so that you can shine your light, and illuminate the path for others.

The secret sauce to creating a career you love?

It's all in your unique blend of talents, passions, values, ambitions and lifestyle preferences. Having worked with 500+ individuals 1:1 on their career development, plus my own career experimentation, I have developed a holistic system that is practical, strategic and soulful to help you discover what that is, and create a career around it.

If you are ready to embrace your wholeness and to become the BEST VERSION OF YOU, I'm here to show you how you can reboot your career (and life) step-by-step with confidence.

All I need is your willingness to dig deep within, taking ownership of your future, and your dedication to making a consistent effort along your transformation journey.

Praise from Happy Clients

If Someone Else Can Do It, Why Not You?

It's Way Deeper Than JUST a Career Issue...

Your current work problem is only an invitation for you to embark on your self-discovery journey, so that you can uncover your hidden gifts, reclaim your personal power, and become who you are meant to be!