Resume Self-Starter Kit – Resume Template & Training Library

Resume Template & Training Library

If You Only Have One Afternoon to Build An Impressive Resume, This Is For You.

Crafting an eye-catching resume is EASIER and FASTER than you think – If you know what Recruiters are really looking for.

You are a serious job seeker.

You’ve spent countless late evenings on tweaking and reformating your resumes to each job application.

Yet, with all the hard work, you wonder why you are not getting job interviews?


I hear you.

And from my decade-long experience in recruitment, I know there are 3 possible reasons:


Your Resume fails to represent you as a high potential candidate for the position.


Your Resume is too ordinary, and it does not make you stand out among other candidates.


The Recruiter has never seen your Resume, because the resume robots have screened it out before it ever meets a human eye.


So how about we reverse-engineer the process, so you can build a clean, modern and effective Resume within 2 hours?


The 3-Step Approach to Building An Impressive Resume


Pick a design layout that best fits your current career situation.

Resume Template Library

17 Optimized Resume Templates To Choose From!

We tap into the user experience of recruiters to design the best resume templates that highlight your achievements. Whether you are a fresh graduate, a career changer, or a job hopper who are looking for your next promotion at work, we’ve got you covered.


Watch the videos that guide you through each step of resume creation while you are working on it.

Step-by-Step Tutorial Videos

Video Training

7 Easy-to-Follow Training Videos!

From the perspective of recruiters, we break down the resume building exercise into 7 short videos. You’ll learn how to analyse job advertisements, how to optimize your resume with keywords and effective sectionings, as well as other career marketing tactics. You’ll also get valuable downloadable cheatsheets and vocabulary banks to use!


Test your resume with a Resume Robot before you apply!

ATS Scanner

 Get Pass the Resume Robots Before You Apply!

 Don’t waste your real job application opportunity with a loosely crafted resume.

Scan your resume against the job advertisement, get a Match Rate, and learn from the suggestions to optimise your resume before you send out the real application.

Stop wasting time in figuring out how to craft a resume from scratch.

Instead, leverage with what are already built.


The best part of all? You don’t need to have design skills!

An intermediate level of Microsoft Word knowledge is all that is required.


This Resume Self-Starter Kit Is For You If You Are:

  • A student looking for internship opportunities

  • A recent graduate seeking your first job

  • In your early careers, looking for better prospects

  • Job Hoppers & Sabbatical Takers looking for new opportunities

  • Making a Change of Field/ Industry/ Job Nature in your career

  • An Experienced job seeker figuring out how to squeeze your entire career into 2 pages

You’ve got only one chance to make the first impression with your Resume.

Make sure it’s a good one!

How much value are you getting?

Now in this Resume Self-Starter Kit, you’ll get:


17 Resume Design Templates                                            Valued $170

1-Hour Video Training + Downloadable Guides        Valued $68


Total Value: US$ 238


Get it now at

$11 USD!


The only purpose of a Resume is to get you interviews.
Learn how to build a resume that gets results TODAY.

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