Human Design Business Reading + 4 Coaching Support Sessions

Human Design Business Reading + 4 Coaching Support Sessions

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After the payment is completed, you’ll be sent a confirmation email to provide your Birth Info and Contact Details. Your reading will be ready within 5 working days and I’ll contact you for scheduling our calls further.

Human Design Business Potentials Reading + 4 Coaching Sessions


Part 1: Decode Your Human Design Birth Chart and Uncover Your True Nature!

A one-hour long video recording + PDF Report of :

      1. Why Are You Here? Your Life Role & What Drives You (Type)
      2. The What & How of Your Life Path (Profile)
      3. The Storyline of Your Purpose (Incarnation Cross)
      4. Your Unique Talents, Strengths, Intuitive Gifts & Weaknesses
      5. Abundance Potentials – How Money Flows Into Your Life
      6. Business Models That Suits You The Best
      7. The Best Ways For You To Market Yourself, and To Whom
      8. Your Expression Style, Messaging & Your Tribe
      9. How To Structure Your Day for Optimal Fulfillment & Energy
      10. How You Can Best Make Decisions (Authority)
      11. Suggestions and Tips for Your Next Level of Growth


Part 2: One-on-one Support – Shed Your Old Layers To Embrace The REAL You!

4 Follow-Up Alignment Sessions To Help You On:

      • Overcoming Self Sabotage, and Showing Up Fully As You Are
      • Develop An Actionable Business Plan That You Feel Excited To Implement
      • Branding, Messaging & Visibility (How You Communicate The Best In Business, and in Life)
      • How To Stay Sane And Energetic Being a Solopreneur + Other Roles In Our Lives



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