Feel Motivated And Take Inspired Actions

Career Monthly Freedom Guide

Can you smell the Spring in the air? The vitality, forward-moving momentum and action-taking vibe that you can literally feel from those around you.

So this month, I’d love to start the conversation with you on action taking:

feel motivated take inspired actions

When it comes to taking actions, I often hear clients say,

“I wish I have MORE motivation.” or

” I know I SHOULD do x,y,z… but…I just don’t have the energy!”

Sounds familiar?

1.The Carrot or Stick Approach

You’ve all heard of it – that our motivation to keep moving is driven by either Pressure or Pleasure.


I’m talking about the adrenaline drive – as if a bear is chasing you and your survival is threatened if you don’t do it.

Or, when you were small, your mom might hit your palms with a ruler if you don’t study well, or punish you in some other painful ways.

These energies can be powerful that keeps your heart racing (and could be addictive), but they are temporary and NOT sustainable.

When the adrenaline effect to your body is gone, you return to your original state, and procrastinate.

Also when we are under stress, we are tensed, dense, and narrow-minded.

This is a powerful short-term strategy when you need a short burst of energy and laser-focus, but use it with care.


And then for pleasure, when you are following your bliss, do what lights you up, what fuels your passion, and things that are just FUN in the process, you’ll do it even without rewards (think about all your hobbies and leisure-time activities).

When you follow what sparks joy, you feel light, expansive, and creative.

That’s why the FIND YOUR PASSION phenomenon is so widespread – because passion in itself is a fuel that keeps the fire burning!

The problem is, the fun thing to do might not be very often the important thing to do!

That’s where indulgence and guilty pleasures come in – as a numbing strategy, or a distraction from the stress we’ve accumulated before.

>>So when it comes to taking actions, are you more inclined to pleasure-seeking, or pain-avoidance?

2.The Human Design Perspective

( In case you’ve never heard of Human Design, it’s a personality analysis tool that uses your birth data to generate the “User Manual” that came with you when you were born. You can get your Free Chart here.)

According to Human Design:

Some people LOVE to start and initiate things.

Some people LOVE to finish and complete things.

Some people LOVE BOTH, and have the ENERGY to do them…they become superhumans…until they burn themselves out.

Some people LOVE BOTH and have not the ENERGY to do them…they would find the people who can.

Some people have NONE of these desires…and enjoy giving advice, constructive feedbacks, improvement suggestions from a Macro perspective.

Some people simply have lots of energy to burn and they’ll find whatever ways they can to get busy, so they can have a restful sleep at night.

>>>Which category do you see yourself in?

In human design statistics, only ~30% of the population has a defined will center (i.e. the will power) to persist, and to see a project to the finishing line, because, they have an internal desire and drive to finish things which the activity itself gives them an enormous sense of satisfaction.

Those motivational speakers you see in the online space who keep pushing you to hustle harder, slay the dragon, fight-fight-fight, do-do-do… are probably having their will center defined. And that explains why you feel an energetic high after attending such events, feeling on top of the world, ready to change your life FOREVER, and after 2 days or so, your motivation dissipates.

It’s NOT your fault, nor there’s something wrong for the rest of us (me included).

Because if you are one of the majority, why beat yourself up ?!

The key here is to respect who you are, and work WITH your design, not AGAINST your design.

>>> First, before we commit to anything, is it the RIGHT time and the RIGHT action to take in the first place?

Because it’s not too smart for everyone to be a working bee, busy taking actions without any directions, and purpose.

That’s why I suggest you to take ONLY INSPIRED ACTIONS – not whatever actions that came to your mind, or what other people are telling you so.


What are Inspired Actions?

They are the actions that make you feel Light and Expansive ONCE YOU’VE STARTED.

You might still feel a little bit of the fear and anxiety before you do it, but amid your butterflies, you feel a “YES!” that is screaming from deep within.

It feels RIGHT.

It feels ON (vs off).

It feels like ME.

And once a small step is started, the engine is activated, and the momentum will follow and keep you moving!

This month, ask yourself:

>>> What are the actions that have been lingering in my life for far too long, that if I JUST DO IT, I can finally reclaim peace of mind, as if I’m flushing my troubles down the toilet? lol

>>> What would it take for me to channel more passions into my work, gamify the process, and to find the FUN IN THE ACTIVITY ITSELF?

>>> What are the smallest next-best-steps you can take TODAY to bring you one step closer to the BEST version of yourself?

>>> What would it take for me to be mindful about what actions to take, and NOT take, just for the time being?

One bonus tip: If you feel like someone around you is holding you back, realise that they are just here to feel scared FOR you – thank them for trying to protect you in their own way. Assure them (and yourself) that you are a mature adult – and you are smart enough to make life choices with a solid grounding. And ultimately with your courage and faith in your inner wisdom, you can show them what’s REALLY possible, with confidence!


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