Introverts’ Guide to Job Interview

Introverts’ Guide to Job Interview

Job Interviews have often seemed frightening, especially to introverts.

As an introvert, the idea of opening up and sharing my thoughts with a total stranger is not very appealing. Let alone it’s a job interview that the other person has the power of making a hiring decision!

Yet, no matter what personality type you are, EVERYONE feels some anxiety before a job interview. If anyone dares to tell others that they never feel nervous before an interview, they are LIARS. So you are not alone! Plus, if you take on your advantages as an introvert, things could work out smoothly for you:

Tip 1. Recognize your strength in listening.

As a natural listener, you pay close attention to what the interviewer shares about their companies, as well as their questions. You might even be able to pick up hidden meanings or implications if you watch closely to their body languages. This information could be very helpful in constructing your answers accordingly.

Tip 2. Shift your focus to THEM.

People feel nervous when they are too self-conscious. So pay attention to what outside of YOU. Notice the office environment. Observe the facial expressions of the interviewers. If direct eye contacts seem too frightening, look at the tip of their noses when you speak. By drawing the attention OFF yourself you will slowly forget to worry about how you are perceived.

Tip 3. Think of self-discussion as SHARING, not bragging.

Most introverts feel embarrassed in “selling” yourself. So shift your perspective to sharing your achievements as a way to discuss what you have learned from the process. It’s about the value you can possibly bring to help others with your knowledge gained.

Below you can find a detailed infographic with more tips to help you get through before, during and after interviews.

Remember, the world is full of successful introverts, including Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, you name it! you just need to play on your strengths and know how to leverage them to your greatest advantage!

Take a look at this Introverts’ Guide to Job Interview Infographic:

Introverts Guide to Job Interview infographic

[ Source: CashNet USA]

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