Identity Detox Experience – Day 4: Finger Pointing

Identity Detox Experience

Day 4: Finger Pointing

Use this finger-pointing exercise to take yourself


*Note: With this exercise, we are only handling shadows, but not traumas. You might want to seek professional therapy and advice if you are currently dealing with an unresolved traumatic experience.

Step 1: Choose one incident that makes you feel small in the past

– What was the context? Where, When, How that happened?

– Who was involved?

– How Exactly did you feel?

– Why do you think that person make you feel this way?


Step 2: When was the last time you did the same to OTHERS and make them feel small?

Even just a criticising thought about a celebrity or online influencer counts because wherever you’ve engaged in, you are acting out of your subconscious projections.


Step 3: How often are you doing this to YOURSELF?

Your inner critic is harsh – usually wrapped under the skin of ” Better every day” or that you have super high expectations of yourself.

If the drive to improve yourself is to fill a void inside, that void is indeed a black hole that will never be fulfilled.

What if you are already perfect as you are, and every day you see EVEN MORE possibilities for you to blossom into?

At this point, you understand that that bad person was drawn into your life to act as your shadow – and the good news is, YOU CAN CHANGE THAT!


Step 4: Hands on heart- take a deep breath!

Repeat after me:

I ACCEPT who I am unconditionally

I LOVE who I am unconditionally

I’m IN LOVE with who I am unconditionally


Be gentle with yourself with this exercise, and only move on or to repeat this exercise when you’ve resolved each one shadow i.e. You no longer feel the feeling you mention in Step 1.