Human Design Reparenting – Combo Reading + Growth Coaching

Reparent: Human Design Combo Reading (You + a Parent)

Use Human Design To Reparent Yourself, So That You Can Become
The Whole, Free and Mature Individual That You Were Born To Be

reparenting yourself

What does it take to be a real “grown-up”?

Do you feel like your patterns of relating, especially in an intimate relationships, keep repeating itself even though you have consciously chosen a different style of person to date, a different workplace at work in or even have relocated?

Do you have issues of self-worth, self-love, codependency, trust, manipulation, fear of commitment and claiming your total sovereignty?

Do you have a stressful relationship with either of your parent, and although he/she is no longer present in your daily life, some of their impact on you is STILL holding you back?


When you are old enough to recognize repeating patterns and themes (usually in your mid-20s and onward) that repeatedly show up in different scenarios in your life, it is your inner child shouting to be seen, supported and transformed so that you can get a PASS on that life lesson, and move on!

How I wish our parents were given a User Manual when we were born, so that they know how to groom up the right way.

But it’s not too late – let’s take back the responsibility to RE-PARENT ourselves, so that we can become an authentic, mature and independent individual who can stand tall on our own, and a better parent to our own child.


Human Design is that KEY for you to help you understand:

WHAT makes you YOU

HOW you best operate, learn and relate to others

COMMON patterns of conditioning while growing up

HOW your parent has been impacting you, the positive and negative ways

HOW to tell when you are living out from your shadow side of self, aka your conditioned self

HOW you can live out your true self, and your curriculum in un-conditioning

WHY you are who you are, and what purpose are you here to serve in this lifetime


Let's Dive Deep To Decode Your Subconscious Patterns, And We'll Map Out How To decondition Them Together!

reparenting yourself human design coaching

Part 1 – Decoding:

Understand Why You Are Who You Are Through
the Human Design of You + One of Your Parents!

A 1.5-hour long video recording of :

      1. Why Are You Here? Your Life Role & What Drives You (Type)
      2. How You Appear To The World + Your Life Path (Profile)
      3. Your Expression Style & How You See Yourself
      4. Your Self-Sabotaging Patterns
      5. Overview of Your Parent’s Energy Wiring
      6. Potential Conditioning & Conflicts From the Energy Dynamics Between Your Parent & You
      7. How To Reparent Yourself & Reconnect With Your Nature
      8. How You Can Best Make Decisions (Authority)
      9. The Storyline of Your Purpose (Incarnation Cross)
      10. Suggestions and Tips for Your Next Level of Growth


Part 2: De-Conditioning:

  Unlearn What Is Not Right For You, And Return To Your Core Nature!

4 x Follow-Up Coaching Sessions Where We’ll Work Together To Help You:

      • Acknowledge Your Inner Child, and Bring Peace To Your Upbringing
      • Raise Your Self-Worth & Self-Acceptance
      • Overcome Self Sabotage, and Show Up Fully As You Are
      • Release your childhood baggage & restore your true independence

It’s Time To Reclaim Who You Originally Are!

Human Design Combo Reading (You + a Parent) +
4 x Inner Child Coaching Sessions

US 688

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