Uncover Your Deeper Truth Meditation

Uncover Your Deeper Truth Meditation

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Uncover Your Deeper Truth Meditation  –
A Journey Back to Your Heart

What are your deepest desires at the moment?

Chances are, what you think you want VS what you TRULY want are in conflict!

In this 10-minute forest journeying, we’ll get into a meditative state to help you uncover your deeper truth in terms of:

  • How in touch are you with your subconscious?
  • Are there any wild instincts and desires that you have been suppressing?
  • How do you handle your anger and aggression? Are you tapping into that power to make things happen?
  • What fears and limiting beliefs are stopping you?
  • What message your inner wise person would love to tell you?


You are going enjoy the creative visualisation journey, and jot down ALL CLUES that comes up!


Instructions: Spend 10 minutes on this creative visualization, take notes of all the details, and then I’ll explain how you can decode what you’ve found afterwards.

After The Session:

I’ll show you HOW TO INTERPRET the signs you see during the meditation and what they mean for you!


Are Your Ready To Uncover Your Deeper Truth?



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