Uncover The New You Marathon

Signature: Self-Discovery + Rewriting Your Narrative Experience

What If You Could...

free yourself from a career rut, and
become the person you always know you could be?

Are you currently at a crossroads of difficult career decisions?

>>> The overwhelming Pros and Cons of each option are driving you crazy
>>> The analysis paralysis of what could happen, and the fear it brings is freezing you from taking any actions
>>> The loneliness of having no one truly understands why you have this struggle in the first place – as there is a seemingly apparent and “logical” choice already
>>> Feeling lost and have no idea what you should be doing with your life, even after many soul-searching attempts

Fake Peace vs Real Peace


Because I was once EXACTLY where you are for five entire years.

Hi! My Name Is Ponny.

And in my own career journey, I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING.

I’ve been in seemingly successful jobs where I travelled internationally and had a sea-view corner office on the 60th floor. Yet every morning, I dreaded taking my depleted body to work, feeling like a zombie as my soul died bit by bit, every single day.

I’ve changed professions and experimented with jobs I thought would be a better fit. I’ve even organised a service trip to India and Nepal to see if working for a non-profit was my thing.

The inner conflict, the uncertainty, the analysis-paralysis and the endless conversations inside my head left me frozen. And the longer I procrastinated, the more I beat myself up since I have always been a GO-GETTER!

Until I thought, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Signature: 5-Week Self-Discovery + Career Renewal Group Experience

In Essence, This Program Is:

♥ An intensive LIVE Virtual Group Experience to help you get unstuck and figure out what you REALLY WANT in your career and life.

♥ A pre-change immersion to empower you in building a SOLID FOUNDATION for your massive change next step, whether it is starting your own business, switching careers, or working abroad.

♥ A 5-week personal growth journey through a beautifully blended process that connects your body, mind and heart, together with other courageous human beings who are on the same path.


This Program Is For You If:

♥ You want to feel excited about your life’s work. You are fueled by a soul-deep impulse for change, but a vague idea of how it could work, and where you are heading.

You are on the edge of starting a side business, a passion project, freelancing, working from home, digital nomading, or changing careers to follow your childhood passion. Yet you have no idea where to begin!

You’ve taken tons of personal development programs, quizzes and have read lots of self-help books. You are eager to discover your own unique gifts and talents so you can fully utilise them.

You feel that taking a blind leap is unwise and irresponsible – you need to map out the entire game plan, take slow gradual changes so you can minimize risks and uncertainties.

You’re committed to doing some deep, intensive soul-searching work with us in our 4 weeks together with our supportive sisterhood.

You’re ready to tap into your innate resourcefulness to figure things out and get things done, even if you don’t know how to do them at first. You believe there is a world of possibility + incredibility out there!


By The End Of The Program, You'll Be Able To:

Breakfree from Your Fears, Anxiety & Analysis-Paralysis

Get past social expectations and your emotional triggers, and reconnect you with your deep-rooted why so you can take actions that feel right inside out.

Be Proud of What You Do, And Tell People So

No more dread when people ask, “So, What do you do?”. We’ll work together to craft a new elevator pitch that you’ll be confident in using when meeting your new (or old) friends!

Discover Your Purpose, Passions & Superpowers

Understand what makes you YOU, so you can feel empowered and certain for the next massive transformation.

With the clarity of what you desire, what you have, and where you want to go, you’ll be grounded with more certainty during your transitional process.

Map Out Your Next Step In Career

Gain clarity on your Point A (where you are now), Point B (where you want to go), and access the gap in between.

Do you have space for the new you to merge?

Do You Know Why Making A Change Is So Damn Hard?

Is it because of…

Your current skill level?

Your financial situation?

Your courage to take the leap?

Nope. None of the above.

It is because the stories we attach to our career, identity, confidence, life satisfaction, money and purpose are often heavily intertwined.

But once we untangle our thoughts and beliefs layer by layer, and begin rewriting our old stories in ways that empower us, things would start to fall into place.

Just like if the Ugly Duckling never uncovers its true nature, it couldn’t fully mature into a beautiful swan, and feel great being one!

It is only when we feel solid and grounded in who we truly are and why we do what we do – in knowing where we are now and where we want to go – then we can fully, unapologetically embrace our truth.

Yet, this process can be frustratingly lonely and slow if you are on this journey by yourself. That’s why finding your sisterhood is so important in your transformation process!


What You'll Learn Week By Week:

Module 1: Identifying Your Superpowers

This week we’ll take stock of what you have to help you step into your full power.  You’ll learn about what makes you special, what you care about the most and how you would like to work (strengths, passions, missions).

Module 2: Connecting With Your Core

To make decisions that feel truly aligned with who you are, you’ll need to be crystal clear on what your core values and deepest motivations are. We’ll gain clarity with several deeply insightful reflective exercises to create your Core Value Map you can make decisions with ease.

Module 3: Integrating Your Past And Rewriting Your Stories

The most difficult part of a career transition is accepting a new self-identity. We’ll pull the golden threads from Week 1 & 2, as well as your life stories, to help reshape the Current You into the Future You.

Module 4: Scripting Your Future

In this exciting week, you’ll be guided through a creative visioning exercise to put every detail that you dream of having into a manuscript, and turn it into mini-movie that fuels you into action every morning with laser-focus!

Module 5: Stepping Into Your New Identity

In this final week, we’ll focus on grounding your new discoveries into your real life. We’ll also get you ready to put yourself out there by crafting a new self-introduction, and new daily habits so you can embody your new truth and feel great stepping into a new YOU!

Your Guide In This Transformation Journey:


Ponny SH Lam

Hi, I’m Ponny. As your Purpose Coach, I help courageous individuals like you define work that’s unapologetically you, so you can go live it!

Known for my holistic HEART + STRATEGY approach, over the years I’ve facilitated hundreds of women identify their career paths and make pivots through the powerful journey of self-discovery and career experimentation.

You already know what you want in life – and have what it takes to get it! Our journey is just about removing all the dirt that is distracting your vision, and adding fuel to your tank so you can achieve your dreams faster!

Here's What This Time With Me Will Look Like:

♥ Pre-program questionnaire that will open you up for more self-understanding, and help you set intentions before we dive in (so that we can use our time together most effectively)

♥ LIVE group teaching calls with me every week where we’ll be diving deeper into that week’s materials

♥ Weekly audio teaching plus exercises that you’ll need to complete. Estimated time required: 1 to 3 hours/week

♥ Weekly Q&A thread where I will answer every single question to make sure you’re on the right track

♥ Unlimited email or FB messenger support to get you through any resistance during the soul-searching process

♥ A private FB group where you’ll be sharing your progress with other women and helping each other get your dreams out there in the world


Feedback from Past Participants:

Aha Moments Only After Module 1!

 She Discovered Her True Purpose!


Signature! 5-Week Self-Discovery + Career Renewal Group Experience

Concrete Takeaways We’ll Co-Create Throughout The Program:

  • A Strengths & Skills Inventory, which is a handy reference for your Website About page or Resume writing

  • A Core Value Map (named Soul Mandala) which set as your anchor for future decision making

  • A Story Bank of your growth stories, recalibrated and rewritten to serve who you are today

  • Mini-Movie you can use daily for visualisation to manifest your new life faster

  • A new Self-Introduction and an elevator pitch that you’ll feel confident in using

  • A collection of reflections, desires and aha moments that you can always refer back when you need


You’ll Get Forever Access To:

  • 4 X recorded audio sessions (with transcript), together with weekly worksheets, tools and exercises

  • 5 X weekly Live Facebook Calls that include deeper dives into the content plus plenty of Q&A

  • Interact with other members and get your questions answered by me in our private Facebook Group

  • Regular email support to keep you moving forward

  • Special “members only” rates for future 1-on-1 coaching