What exactly is Shyness?⁣

⁣It’s an awkwardness you have when you are around other people.⁣

It’s NOT the same as introversion; You can be extrovert, introvert or ambivert, and be shy at the same time.⁣

The pre-requisite for shyness to happen, is that you have a keen awareness and sensitivity to energies around you.⁣

Which means, very probably, you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) or/and an Empath.⁣

That’s why when you are not grounded with your energy, you can easily let other people’s energy throw you off-board.⁣

At times, it could feel like other people’s energy are arrows shooting towards you.⁣

However, if you can use this sensitivity to support you, socialising with the right people can become very enjoyable!⁣

You might ask, “Isn’t shyness a confidence issue?”⁣
Yes, confidence is part of the equation on whether you have the trust in yourself to be able to:⁣

1. Differentiate which energy is yours and which is not (very critical!!!) and⁣

2. MANAGE the intuitive information you gain from others through your empathetic ability, and channel them into useful information (vs feeling overwhelmed by them)⁣

These are just skills that you can learn and master!⁣

And when you finally master these skills, you can definitely become the most influential person in the room with your empathetic talent!

Do You Have Empathic Superpower?

Feeling weird whenever you enter a room full of people?⁣

Like there are a mixture of powerful chaotic energies hanging in the air that feels overwhelming for you to breathe properly?⁣

Sometimes it’s REALLY about the less of fresh air in that air-con room ( poor us city people – fresh air is actually FREE!!!)⁣

But more probably, you are right – you have THAT superpower to tap into the information that every person in the room is sending out!⁣

Admit it, you can read people ‘s mind and are always able to pick up what is UNSAID. These can be powerful intelligence when you use them in beneficial ways, instead of worrying if this person likes you or not.⁣

However, just because you can tap into what others think, it doesn’t mean you have to lose yours and bend yourself into another gender just to fit in.⁣

Quite the opposite. DATA IS THE NEW GOLD in this era. So you definitely have the upper hand!⁣

No wonder you can see so many “shy” people become top sales, the most reclaimed artists, musicians, CEOs when they can finally EMBRACE that part in them and just do things in their own way regardless.⁣