As an introvert who also have a lot of introverted friends and clients,

I spot a significant indicator of how happy and powerful you are as a quiet person.

It is that under the surface of showing up as a quiet person, what is the energy underneath?


Are we muting ourselves because we’ve been challenged in the past when we voiced out our opinions, so we do not want that embarrassment again that hurts our egos?

Are we choosing to keep silence out of helplessness since our efforts in the past weren’t paid off, that we feel “there is no use doing this…why bother?”

Are we pretending to be quiet just because we’ve been scolded to “shut up and keep quiet” as a kid? As if our voice doesn’t matter anyway in the eyes of authority?


If being quiet is TRULY who we are, then the faster we can accept it, respect it and appreciate the beauty in it, the easier our lives will become.


So instead of criticizing ourselves and wishing we are more outspoken,

We can choose to fully accept our quiet nature, our needs for personal space and serenity, and show respect to how our brains work – that it takes time for us to contemplate in order to articulate and express our sophisticated ideas in ways that others can understand.

Because we just have a chatty mind inside than others cannot hear.

And when I master how I use my quietness, I hold space for others to go within.
Which, is the place where all transformation begins.